Wednesday, June 22, 2011

prove it..

u always want to prove something
to show that u can do better
u throw everything else
so that your head won't spin harder
nite and day still coming
the end result push u down deeper
either u sit or lie there
u'll close your eyes so that u forget others

everyone succeed
u still running harder
the bird fly high
but the snail try to walk faster
with rapunzel long hair
still can't climb higher
while the radio play song
u hear nothing but the fly buzzer

gold comes in like ferari
but flow out like water
the nutrition make u sick
and the clock ticking louder
there's no time to take a baby step
but u need  to run faster

always see with a smile
but u know, it the other
u don't want it to be a dream
but u hope it gonna be forever
so there's nothing u can do
unless u prove can do better